Consulens Medical Healthcare Solutions

Consulens is a specialist medical equipment management company with over 17 years’ experience in the medical device market, which provides comprehensive solutions in the areas of project planning, project management, procurement, installation and commissioning, training and ongoing maintenance.


Financial planning and budgeting Equipment selection and specification Best industry practice and fit for purpose Training and user management Technical maintenance and service Logistics and supply Replacing and refreshing of devices Quality requirements management Patient care and clinical workflow.

Project Management

Recognised & experienced project management processes.

Availability of skilled expertise ensuring identification of required output specifications.


All procurement is managed by the administration and logistics team. Inclusive of the commissioning of spares, consumables, durables and refresh equipment.

The team is an intricate part of equipment refresh operations together with members from other departments. Our team of skilled and experienced staff provide support and administration services.

The administration, logistics and general operations is key to successful company operations and performs a critical controlling function. Included are Medical durable stores, stock control and standardisation.

Installation & Commissioning

Both initial and operational.

The process is a turnkey approach, inclusive of all requirements to ensure a successful handover to the clinical staff.

Processes include planning, selection, procurement, delivery and receipt, installation management, equipment commissioning, training, ongoing operations and contract management.


A team of qualified trainers are employed to ensure that training is carried out and managed for all medical staff.

The team have a wide range of expertise and professional qualifications.

Specialised training, is provided by the suppliers of the devices. The training team manages the process accordingly.

Training management includes initial and refresher training throughout the project period.

Ongoing Maintenance / Upgrade / Replace

A dedicated team of clinical technical engineers are employed to provide corrective and preventative maintenance on the medical devices.

The team members are responsible for all aspects of clinical/biomedical engineering, are highly skilled and trained on many devices by the suppliers.

Ongoing maintenance minimises downtime of medical devices and essential services.

The result of proactive, preventative maintenance and efficient repairs is to minimise the risk to patient care and ensure equipment availability All corrective maintenance is logged and a history of equipment performance is available.

Detailed And Turnkey Solutions Offered

  • Integrated department workflow.
  • General equipment.
  • ICU equipment.
  • Specialised clinics.
  • Theatre equipment.
  • Specialised treatment procedure.
  • Diagnostics equipment Radiology (MRI, CT, Angiography, Cath lab).
  • Oncology (Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine).
  • Laboratory.

Consulting Services

We provide detailed and turnkey solutions; hospital roll out and implementation; projects; refresh programs; new hospital builds; inter-hospital workflow analysis; logistics and stores; consultancy and clinical & equipment workflow planning.

Preventative and corrective maintenance planning.
Medical Device integration.
B.O.Q. (bill of quantity) per department generation.